About Me

Photographer Shawn Rundblade

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a photographer. I picked up a camera back in grade school. My dad had an old K-Mart film SLR. I mean, digital wasn’t a thing when I was a kid, so I learned on good old film. Honestly, I actually got interested in photographer mostly because I wanted to learn how to photograph lightning, but my interest quickly grew and expanded.

I was fascinated by the technical side of photography. I was also drawn to the idea that by just clicking that little button, I could stop a moment in time and remember it. Mind you, I have a terrible memory, so it’s actually really helpful.

Since then, I worked at a camera store in the early 2000’s and ultimately ended up being a manager for it. I also found I was great at helping others learn how to use their cameras, so I started developing and teaching the photography classes for the store. I enjoyed it greatly, and really miss the camera shop days.

During my time there, I really started experimenting and narrowing my interests. I found that the food and product photography world really held my attention. I love the colors, the details, the technical skills required. I also enjoy making interesting portraits. You will see on my site that I don’t offer weddings, or family photos. Could I? Sure. Have I? Yes. But, I’m not passionate about it. It’s not my “thing”. I really want to focus my photography on things that I am passionate about because I want to create the best work I can.

While I also love landscape and wildlife photography, I am going to keep that separate from my business. If you heard of me because of some of my nature photography, visit TieDyedWanderer.com to see that work. You can also find prints for sale, some of them are also food related which are great for the kitchen/dining area.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, where I have a somewhat clear view of who I am photographically. I’ve been battling it for a while, but thinking back, this is where I have wanted to be. I can still photography whatever I want, but still narrow things down. I enjoy capturing images, but for my potential clients, I want to show the best of what I can show.

Thank you, and I hope to work with you soon,
Shawn Rundblade