My Gear

I don’t have the latest gear available. Two reasons for that, the first is honestly the biggest. New gear isn’t cheap. The other is because I am content to use gear that might be a little old, but is the best I can afford. I don’t think photography is defined by the gear you own. Though, gear does allow you to have more options and accomplish specific things.

My trips to the Badlands would have been completely different if I didn’t have my big zoom. Close up photography isn’t really possible without a macro lens or some sort of close up adapters. That beautiful bokeh on portraits can only be created with fast glass, so I have a couple prime lenses. Bringing light with you wherever is critical to so many aspects. So, I have a very small fleet of speedlights so I can have “available light” wherever I go.

With that being said, I do have people ask what I have for gear, so I thought I would lay it out.

Cameras (Digital)

Cameras (Film)




  • Think Tank Mindshift 26L
  • Tamrac 614
  • Tamrac Adventurer backpack (its old, I don’t remember the model)

Ok, so that isn’t everything I have of course. I have an assortment of light modifiers, tripods/monopods, lightstands, reflectors and more.

I am not suggesting that you should go out and get everything on the list. I’ll write a post at some point in the future about how I gathered everything and my thoughts on getting gear. I did include links to a great place to pick these up used on each of the items. I do NOT get any kickbacks from anyone, but I am a happy customer of KEH for my used gear. They have been great to deal with and I will continue to support them in the future.

My general advice: Rent first. I love Unless it’s an item that you are going to use frequently, or renting is more of an inconvenience. I’ve been accused of having GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), and I won’t deny it. With that being said, everything I own, I use. My main bodies now are the D810 and D500, but I still use the D300 (for Timelapse) and the D7000 for another video camera.