Engagement Photography with Kaitlyn and Jeremy

Engagement Photo of couple at conservatory

Recently, I spent some time at the Mitchell Park Domes doing some engagement photography. I recently restarted my photography business here in Madison, and this was the first session. The week before, I took a trip to the domes with family to scope things out. You can read about that visit my personal blog TieDyedWanderer.com

I’ll be honest, it’s been a little while since I had a paid client. As the couple were actually former co-workers, I was simultaneously at ease and stressed. On one hand, I knew the couple fairly well and they are really laid back. I knew that things would not need to be 100% perfect. However, I hadn’t needed to worry about how a client would like my photos since my last paid shoot was about a decade ago. Once I started shooting (after letting my gear get used to the humid conditions), we started capturing some great images.

The Shoot

Kaitlyn and I had briefly discussed what they were looking for before the day of the shoot, and I had some general ideas after the visit the week before. The Mitchell Park Domes is where Jeremy proposed, and they wanted to have their engagement photography session done there. We chose a date, got the required permits, then arrived to start making memories. Here is a small sampling of the images that we captured.

Shooting with Kaitlyn and Jeremy is great! Having worked with both of them I knew the day would be simple and fun. Having a good idea of the client before the day of the shoot is incredibly important. When meeting with a client, that is one of the things I want to spend time doing. Any portrait session will be better if the photography and the client know what each is looking for. It helps to create better images that tell the story of the person in the photo better.

I genuinely feel that the photographer should be there to not just click the button and make things look pretty. But, I also don’t want to spend the entire day micromanaging everything. It’s a game of give and take. I let Kaitlyn and Jeremy make a lot of suggestions of what they thought would make a great image, and many of those worked great. However, as the photographer I should always have my head on a swivel to look for the little things that everyone might miss and would be the one to make the shoot. My goal is to always work WITH my clients. We both have our own vision, and good photographers know how to balance those ideas.

How to book your own engagement photography session

If you need an engagement session done, reach out today by visiting my contact page. A one hour session is only $100 for the shoot itself. I have lots of options for getting images delivered, and the lab I work with is one of the best in the country. If you just want Digital files, we can do that too.

Huge thank you to Jeremy and Kaitlyn for letting me capture something so important to you.

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