About Me

I’m a photographer and storm chaser. This blog was started to have a place to share my adventures. For years, I have wanted to start venturing out to see what I could find, and now I finally can. While the two main topics you’ll find here are either storm chasing or national parks, the word adventure can mean so many things. It could simply be the adventure of learning something new, or the adventure of trying a new restaurant.

Nearly a decade ago, I was teaching photography classes. If you are a gear junkie, I’ve shot Canon and Pentax, but and currently a Nikon user with no plans to change. Finally I have nearly every lens I could ever need, well aside from the magical 14-24. I also love film and shoot medium format as well as 4×5 large format. I would love to do a film project at some point, but I need to get some inspiration to decide what to do with it. Film is freaking expensive nowadays. 

On the storm chasing side, I started in ’96, but took a break from the actual chasing side from around 2014-2021. This past summer, I went out for buy first chase in nearly a decade and caught 4 tornados. It was amazing and rekindled the love of the chase. 2022 is going to be amazing on that front! (be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and subscribe!) 

Right now, aside from getting things sorted for an amazing re-entry into chasing, my major project is showcasing climate change at our National Parks. I can’t wait to get this project going, and I will be heading there the first week of May to officially start the photography on it.

Thanks for stopping by,